Willipipe – Tide and Swell Charts for Fishermen

A productive tool created through participative methods to benefit the fishermen.

EcoSwell workshop being held at the pier

Tide charts at the Fishermen's pier

Tide charts being put up by Diego, of EcoSwell

Tide charts in the Lobitos fishermen's association communal room

Young and old fishermen working together at EcoSwell workshops

A simple, yet productive project implemented by EcoSwell which consists of posting tide and swell charts (with information from Peru’s Navy and Magic Sea Weed) publicly, in the fishermen’s pier and the Fishermen’s Union communal room. Previously, the fishermen had no access to this simple, yet crucial information.

In order to make sure the information is taken onboard productively by the fishermen, we organize participative workshops once a month, with the aim instructing the them on how to read them. This has had a positive impact on the daily activities of the Lobitos fishermen. In these workshops, the EcoSwell team designs the charts along with the fishermen to ensure that the contents and language (local slang) in which they are explained are appropriate to their needs.

The main aims of the project are to:

  • Establish a work platform where fishermen can and implement the TSCs (tide and swell charts), according to their needs, criteria, experience and perceptions, along with EcoSwell.
  • Improve the productivity of the artisanal fishermen by providing predictions of tide levels, swell height, period, and wind strength.
  • Allow fishermen to plan and organize their daily activities efficiently.
  • Train all fishermen to read the charts and understand the difference between the basic concepts affecting ocean conditions.
  • Train some fishermen to collect data, design and implement the TSCs.

Since June 2015, the fishermen have been given an revamped EcoSwell model of the TSCs, which uses their local slang, and as such is easier for them to comprehend. This has enabled them to preempt and implement security measures when facing strong swells which have hit the Peruvian coast during the year.

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