Sustainability and Ethics of our programme

Our volunteer & intern programme has been designed with inputs from all members of our team, the community and using the ‘Ethical volunteering Guide’ as it’s backbone. We have followed this guide’s requirements as much as possible in order to ensure that our programme aligns with our wider organizational objectives of sustainability. The following points describe how our programme is setup, in order to make it as ethical and sustainable as possible:

  • We are able to provide a brief description of the work required to those who may be interested in volunteering with us and we explain exactly what work our volunteers/interns will be doing once an application is successful.
  • We are able to provide information on our involvement with local partners to volunteers/interns. Our volunteers/interns will be informed about local organizations they will be working with and of the importance of working with them.
  • We are transparent on how we use the funds from our volunteer programme, re-injecting it into our organization for projects, staff and staff development.
  • Long term commitment with the community. We have clear eco and ethical tourism policies and employ local staff for our projects (when relevant and when possible).
  • We aim to specify the time frame of our volunteer & intern programme projects (when possible) - this is dependent on the type of project we are working on and availability of volunteers/staff to undertake it.
  • We provide precise contact details for our programme for our candidate volunteers and potential volunteers to contact us whenever is required.
  • We provide support, help and training to our volunteers on site (will vary in accordance to the type of project being undertaken). This can include an introduction to the community, tour around Lobitos, health & safety considerations, description of community characteristics and relations, project support, etc. There will always be someone from our team available to lend a hand to all of our volunteers in case there are any problems.