Volunteer Activities

If you feel that you don’t have the experience to contribute to one of our existing projects directly, or develop your own project, we are always in need of volunteers who will help us to run our organization - we need all the help we can get!

The ongoing activities which we need help with have been listed below. For these roles we need volunteers to comply with the following prerequisites:

  • Experience working away from home
  • Ability to be flexible
  • Positive attitude (this one is critical!)
  • Willingness to learn and work as part of a team
  • Proficient in Spanish (preferable but not required)

Day to day activities include -

Project Wilipipe (Tide and Swell Charts) :

This project consists on providing the fishermen of Lobitos with scientific information regarding their labour on a weekly basis, in order for them to plan ahead and optimize their productivity. The volunteers participation in this project may include workshops with the fisherman, preparation of tide and wave size charts, research (fieldwork and data analysis) and the creation of new information tools to increase productivity. The EcoSwell team leads this project and the volunteer’s assist in its implementation.


Marketing (traditional and digital) :

EcoSwell has been rapidly gaining exposure on a global scale and is continuously improving and evolving its marketing strategy to properly harness this growth both through traditional and digital platforms. The volunteers would be assisting the marketing and communications team in the planning and execution of a variety of tasks both online and offline. The online tasks include: Social media community managing and content creation (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Blogs, etc), website development (HTML, CSS, Javascript), online advertising, etc. The offline tasks include: Graphic design, event planning, press release writing, etc.


Workshops :

Once every two weeks we join the Fisherman Association for conjoined workshops in which we discuss EcoSwell’s current projects and new possibilities for collaboration, as well as implement organizational strategies for the community. These workshops require the volunteer’s assistance for the preparation of creative dynamics and the logistics required to implement them.


Research, Monitoring and Evaluation :

An important component in project design is information. Research helps develop projects more accurate in covering the community’s needs while avoiding conflict between its members. Depending on their skills and experience, the volunteers participation in this periodical activity could consist of:

  • Survey and interview design, fieldwork (requires fluent Spanish)
  • Data analysis and report writing
  • Participation in internal workshops to improve current projects


Permaculture project maintenance :

The team is currently piloting basic permaculture techniques (water reuse, gardening) to reduce the organizations impact in Lobitos’ environment. These techniques are around the EcoSwell house where the volunteers will stay, and require constant attention from them so as to maintain them.


Community labour :

EcoSwell constantly spends time with the Lobitean community and actively participate in their communal activities, such as assisting the fishermen in docking their boats for maintenance or helping other local NGO’s setup and execute public events. This engagement is crucial for the volunteer experience as it gives them the opportunity to share with community members in their everyday environment and learn from the other organizations we work with.



The many activities that occur on a daily basis within the EcoSwell headquarters in Lobitos (volunteer activities, project design and implementation, marketing activities, etc.) can often be a little daunting to manage without proper logistics. The volunteers will be able to support the organization by running errands that are necessary for the fluidity of the daily operations. Tasks may include: Organizing documents, data entry, printing, errands in Talara City (buying equipment, food, etc), delivering messages, picking up packages, etc.


Volunteers will be able to take part in several of the activities listed above (depending on their skills) once they have been accepted into our programme.