United for Lobitos

Campaign which seeks to solve the issues of lighting and sanitation in the artisanal fishing pier of Lobitos through sustainable technologies and financed via crowdfunding.

The EcoSwell team giving the fishermen an update on the crowdfunding campaign

Old and young lobiteans in meetings to support the project

Elaborating the project with the fishermen

Toilets were the biodigester will be installed

Lobitos Fishermen's pier

United we did it

United For Lobitos

At the end of 2014, the campaign “United For Lobitos” was launched, which focuses in developing projects to improve the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of the Artisanal Fishermen’s Association of Lobitos. The projects are being financed by a successful crowdfunding campaign which fundraised approximately US$15,400 (surpassing our final target of US$15,000). The campaign’s three main objectives are:

  1. To implement solar panels as an environmentally friendly way of solving the problem of unsustainable lighting in the artisanal fishing pier of Lobitos.
  2. To install a biodigester that will treat the wastewater produced in the pier and allow wastewater to be reused to green the area. This way solving the problem of sanitation in the pier of Lobitos, avoiding the contamination of the coastal-marine ecosystem.
  3. To implement a volunteer/research intern programme to attract international specialists from diverse disciplines to continue developing and implementing further sustainability projects in the locality.

All of these objectives have been advanced to important stages up to date. The third objective has been fully achieved:

EcoSwell is constantly coordinating with specialists from all over the world, along with important institutional involvement, to achieve our mission of guiding the community of Lobitos towards a sustainable future.

The design phase for objectives 1 and 2 has been completed and construction on these projects will start once government approval is confirmed. EcoSwell has produced a Technical Document of the project in alliance with the AGPAL (Artisanal Fishermen’s Association Group of Lobitos) and other stakeholders in Peru and the UK (including renewable energy consultancies in both countries). The full version (in spanish) can be viewed here.

This document was presented in April 2015 to the relevant Peruvian governmental authorities for approval: the Regional Production Bureau of Piura (which oversees the district of Lobitos).

However, the authorities have yet to give a formal response on the document and due to irregularities with the current administration of the pier, the fishermen members of AGPAL have agreed to put on hold the implementation of objectives 1 and 2 until this situation is resolved. A step-by-step account of the progress made in resolving the administration dispute can be found here.

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