Feasibility Study - Solar Energy in Lobitos

Project led by Mark Hazelton, EcoSwell volunteer and Renewable Energy Masters student at Newcastle University (UK), as part of his thesis.

Lobitos sunset

Mark, checking the solar panels

Solar panels of the fishermen's association

Project inception phase - brainstorming with volunteer solar specialists in the UK

Typical light at hostels/homes in Lobitos

This feasibility study aims to identify possible future energy needs arising from the growth in tourism in Lobitos and to asses the feasibility of using solar photovoltaic panels in addition to or in replacement of, the current power generation in Lobitos. This project falls within our development framework, of developing infrastructure with a sustainable approach, seeking to preserve the ecological integrity of the area and to strengthen the communities capacity to adapt to rising energy costs and the conditions set by a changing climate.

The potential solar applications identified in the study include:

  • Use of solar panels to power an electric winch for haul of fishing vessels/jib crane for vessel unloading.
  • Lighting of the fishermen’s pier using solar panels
  • Electrical pumping of water for the Fishermen’s Association using solar panels
  • Using solar panels to reduce conventional energy costs in homes and small businesses
  • Using solar panels by the Municipality for illuminating the town’s football fields
  • Using solar energy to desalinate water for irrigation of gardens
  • Use of solar panels in schools to reduce the cost of electricity bills

Future research will include technical analysis of those options considered feasible, an analysis of their energy demand and finally their implementation costs. Under EcoSwell’s vision to implement the findings of our research for the welfare of the community, as opposed to producing only theoretical material, the study will also collect all the information needed to apply for funding to implement the options considered feasibly.

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