Project ideas in the pipeline

  1. Micro-projects
    1. Shade in the beach for maintenance of artisanal boats
    2. Artistic intervention in the houses of Primavera neighbourhood - Repainting political propaganda.
    3. Beach and landfill site cleanups with Talaran (town) recycling organizations.
    4. Registry of Biodiversity, Landscapes and Culture. Wall of Biodiversity in the Community Hall.
  2. Research study on the influx of tourists in Lobitos.
  3. Lobitos: Earth Unforgettable. Cultural Community Center for Lobitos - Theatre, Art workshops, Cinema, etc.
  4. Market Research to improve commercialization of Lobitean artisanal fishing.
  5. Hydrobiological Research and viability of mariculture projects in Lobitos (white shrimp, etc.)
  6. Hydrobiological Research and viability of macro-algae projects in Lobitos.
  7. Improving the productivity and commercialization of Lobitean fishing (“Fish of the day” project with restaurants and hotels).
  8. Promotion of experiential fishing eco-tourism.
  9. Solid waste management and recycling in Lobitos.
  10. Dry/composting public sanitation system (currently working on their feasibility with EWB).
  11. Permaculture systems in EcoSwell’s EcoHouse and in our surrounding neighbourhoods (Officers neighbourhood, central neighbourhood, Lobitos and Primavera neighbourhood).
  12. Communication Strategy and Community Radio with the Fishermen’s Association.
  13. Signaling and tourist education (hotels, guide, sustainability framework).
  14. Productive Development of the zone of Sichez, Lobitos (Goat’s cheese commercial potential).
  15. Agricultural Development in Lobitos (with AGCORP CSR initiative).
  16. Apiculture Commercial Project - Feasibility study.
  17. Moringa Flour Commercial Project - Feasibility study.
  18. “Fish Hot Dogs” Commercial Project - Feasibility Study.
  19. Sustainable EcoHouse pilot project in Lobitos with the Catholic University of Peru.