Why is the town of Lobitos in Northern Peru our starting point?

EcoSwell has chosen to work with the town of Lobitos in the province of Talara, Piura, as the first community to guide through a sustainable path and generate positive impacts for its local population and environment.

This is not only because of its natural beauty and the special affection of its people, but because of the following identified key challenges and opportunities facing its impending development that must be addressed imminently:

At a local level:

  • Increasing flow of tourism (surfing and related sports), construction and commercial establishments

  • Growing population and migration

  • Presence of big business and important extractive industry for the country

  • Coastal ecosystems, beach and point breaks and environmental services of great value

At a macro level:

  • Peru’s economic growth and new policies on social inclusion and sustainable development

  • Global crisis and upcoming shortage of resources

  • The importance for rural and vulnerable populations to mitigate and adapt to Climate Change

  • New approaches on Ecosystem Services and Emissions Reductions

Where is Lobitos located?

Our Vision of Lobitos towards 2021

EcoSwell will develop a framework with the objectives for Lobitos towards the
year 2021, as follows:

Our vision for Lobitos towards year 2021 and the different areas that need to be addressed in order to reach it. Source: EcoSwell.