Happiness and well-being evaluation in Lobitos

Survey made with the participation of 100 Lobitean’s from five different neighbourhoods. Quantitative analysis and development of well being indicators.

Andrea, EcoSwell research intern presenting her initial results

Andres, EcoSwell member, carrying out the questionnaire

As part of our ongoing research being undertaken by EcoSwell academic volunteers in Lobitos, and with EcoSwell’s help and guidance, Andrea Pérez-Wicht, a Social Psychology student from Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú visited the team in August 2014. Andrea carried out a quantitative evaluation of the “Subjective Life Satisfaction” in the Lobitos community. This research, supervised by well-being expert, Jorge Yamamoto, will allow her to prepare a “Life Satisfaction Index” for Lobitos and provide guidelines for EcoSwell’s projects to continue to improve the quality of life of the people in the community.

Andrea trained the team to help her carry out her questionnaire and, by working together, we achieved our goal of questioning 100 participants in five of the Lobitean neighbourhoods. Andrea was very kind in expressing her thanks to us and appreciation for our help:

“Without their predisposition, help and talent, we would have never been able to reach our survey goal. After the analysis, the team will be able to use the results to design projects based from the ideas of the Lobiteans themselves, which aim to satisfy the needs that will positively influence their well-being.”

In december 2014, Andrea presented the preliminary results of her research in the Peruvian Pontificia Universidad Catolica’s Psychology Colloquium. One of the most interesting results was that, given the unsatisfied basic needs and poverty levels in Lobitos, the happiness index in the community were higher than the ones reached by participants living in capital cities such as Lima and Buenos Aires. We are currently awaiting Andrea’s final results throughout 2015.

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