Green Lobitos - Reforestation Project

Reforestation of public spaces in the Primavera neighbourhood through household waste and water reuse methods.

On multiple occasions, members of the Lobitean community have expressed their interest in having greener public spaces in their Primavera neighbourhood, for themselves and for visiting tourists to enjoy. Dave Smith, an EcoSwell volunteer, initiated a design plan and the initial phases of the resforestation project during his stay with us (April and May 2015).

The ‘Green Lobitos’ project consists of utilizing Permaculture principles and ethics, to achieve sustainable reforestation within the community. Moreover the project will have a “Shared Value” approach wherein the NGO (EcoSwell), Government (Regional Agriculture Bureau of Piura) and Community (Lobiteans) will work together to develop and benefit the local population.

Given the local fishermen and social institutions limited regional financial resources, we have structured this initiative to be a ZERO (minimal) cost project.

The work with the community will be done at a household level in order to impact each family directly. The project aims to raise environmental awareness by utilizing in-house waste and water reuse methods.

Plastic bottles and milk cartons from household waste (which would eventually pollute the environment) will be reused as pots & planters for new seeds. Each family will designate an area for the creation of “organic compost”. This compost will be made up by using local wild horse dung and all the organic remains from household consumption.

During the initial phase of the project, we will work with a small group of families (2 to 5) who are enthusiastic and committed to the project. Each family will be in charge of caring for 1 to 10 plastic planters and as the first plants begin to grow, we will continue to invite new families that want to participate in the reforestation project. Every new family will receive training before they are given their plants. The initial plants have been donated by the Regional Agriculture Bureau of Piura, this organisation has also guided the planning and specifics of the project’s training workshops that will be given by EcoSwell engineers.

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